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Tribute to Vice President B/Prince B

Greetings Colleagues / Acquaintances, I will be paying tribute to no one other than myself. It has come to the point were I have became very disorganized as far as very, VERY important information. In this post, I will list some of my greatest achievements, but I am not finished yet, I am not retired […]

Army in Focus – Chaos

SNOW BOARD, Chaos Empire- An army that has been in the news, is slowly rising and performing very well at all of their events. After being in a long war, they have shown their strength in tons of their defenses. Do the Chaos have what it takes to make it to the majors? Without further adieu, I present […]

Frost Squad Merge into Dark Warriors- Death of FS

ICE POND, Former Frost Squad Capital- An army that has been floating around in our top ten have been merged into the Dark Warriors. The Frost Squad had a great run, but it had to end. This merge was a surprise/shock to the whole Club Penguin Army Community. Will we see a return happen? Is this […]

Into the Time Machine: Lightning Strikers

WHITE OUT, Former LS Capital- A well known army, the Lightning Strikers, have recently shutdown. We are going to be taking a look at just the Lightning Striker history. The LS had a wide range of unexpected turn happen in their history. Instead of looking at rising armies, I am examining the history of a deceased […]

Army in Focus- Dark Knights

PARKA, DK Empire- A army we all know and love has just been reformed and revived from the dead. You might have guessed, that it is the Dark Knights. With a great last generation, what will this generation have in store for us watching from home? Stay tuned, their history is just getting written.

Tide Slowing at Water Vikings

FROSTBITE, WV Empire- An army that has stayed in CPAC for a while, has taken a stumble. The Water Vikings are moving down to Small and Medium army standards. We saw them rise for numerous weeks, but now they sort of fell. Can current leader Bepboy and Tymatt bring them out of this “slump”? I sure […]